Friday, August 10, 2018

All caught up

Autumn and I met to do some back to school shopping and had all the kids with us.  I'm not sure what made us thing that was a good idea, but drinks afterwards at Gloria's fixed all that.  Landon LOVES the black bean dip there. 

 We have been having lots of play dates at Amber's house to go swimming.  Madison has really done good the past few weeks.  She will jump in and swim all the way across the pool.

 We went to a birthday party for our little friend Mason.  Luckily it was on a Sunday so Scotty could go and help keep up with the kids.
 Bebe came over one afternoon to go swimming with us.  Our new pool and clubhouse is really nice and we are 4 houses down from it which makes it very convenient.

 Landon fell off the step in the big pool and bumped his head and got a pretty good goose egg and scratch on his forehead.  I took the girls to spend the night with Bebe on Tuesday.  It was nice to have some one on one time with bubba.  It hasn't been just the two of us all summer and we had the best time.  He is so funny....and naughty.

 She sent me pictures of the girls while they were there.  They are always excited to go because they do some sort of baking.  This time it was a cinnamon cake. And since I took them on a whim they didn't have any pajamas so they slept in papa's shirts.
 Landon and I hung out and ran some errands.  He also got a much needed hair cut. 
 Sunday morning I took the kids to do back to school pictures.  A local photographer was doing sessions and donating all the money to a sweet kiddo in the neighborhood that has a rare and non treatable brain tumor.  It is so sad.  I brought Landon too and she was a able to get a sweet shot with all 3 of them.

Our little Rylee turned 8 this week and we all went down to celebrate her.  She is so sweet and we just love her (and her family).

Landon tried super hard to drink a beer while we were down there.  He would pick it up and tilt his head back and then slam it on the table. We are going to have to keep an eye on him.   And I can't keep the kid out of my cabinets.  He empties them and then climbs in them.  The girls never did that. 

We were getting stir crazy one afternoon so we braved the heat and headed to the park.   It is shaded and wasn't too bad for a little bit but then we couldn't take it anymore and had to leave and get a snow cone. 

(There mom I'm all caught up on blogging for now)

Kenzie turns 7

Kenzie celebrated her birthday this year in flamingo style.  We had it at the pool again, but on a Friday night this year.  I was nervous about having it on a week night but it was actually really nice.  All her friends came out and she had the best time.

She wanted to come home and open presents.  She said she gets embarassed doing it in front of everyone.  She was so excited about everything she opened. 

Sunday was her actual birthday and she woke up to the normal streamers and balloons on her door.  The table was decorated for her and of course presents.  Daddy cooked her favorite breakfast and then she opened up her gifts. 

 Later on we were going to dinner with some friends to celebrate her some more.

Her sign says:  I love unicorns.  I don't like spinach.  My favorite food is mac & cheese.  My favorite movie is (I have no clue and she is asleep right now and I can't ask her).  My best friends are Audrey, Rylee and Tessi.
We went to The Magic Time Machine and met up with Autumn and her family and Amber and her family.  We also picked up Audrey to come with us too.  The kids had fun.

I love these pictures where they switch our faces around.  (I switched with her friend Audrey)
A throwback to June of 2016 when we went for my birthday.  So fun!!  It was late by the time we left and Audrey came home with us for a sleep over.  I can't believe my first baby is 7.  She is so full of personality and we love watching her grow and mature every day.  She is funny and sweet, loving and opinionated and we love everything about her. 

Stars, softball and sitting

Kenzie got a telescope for Christmas last year and we really haven't used it much.  Right before we moved, most of the kids toys were packed up so we went outside and looked at the moon.  The girls, mostly Kenzie, has been really interested in the planets and moon lately so it was fun for her to get to see it. 

Kenzie's softball team got first place.  They play really well together as a team.  They beat most of the teams by alot, like 11-0 and thought it was funny because they were the only girl team. 
Unfortunately most of the girls are making the switch to play select soccer and won't have time to do softball anymore.  The Unicorn team won't be playing together anymore and Kenzie is a little nervous to go to another team.
And this kid just likes to empty my cabinets out and sit in it.  He drives me crazy but I love him something fierce.


The kids and I met up with the Colson's to celebrate Amber's birthday.  We went to a fun restaurant that has a playground for the kids to play at and picnic tables to eat at.  The kids had fun running around until dinner came.  It was SO SO HOT.

At dinner Jacob asked if the girls wanted to go fishing with him and Reid the next day.   They were so excited.  The next morning Bebe came and picked Landon up from Makenzie's softball game and then the girls and I met up with them at a pond near Amber's moms house. We caught so many fish.

They had so much fun.  None of us wanted to bait the hook or take the fish off so thank goodness Jacob was there.  We are so lucky to have them in our lives.  They love my kiddos like their own and Kenzie even calls Jacob, uncle Jacob.