Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Landon is "walking"

The other night Makenzie and I were practicing spelling words.  She was on one one couch with Landon in front of her and I was across from her on the other couch.  Landon just started walking towards me and both Kenzie and I froze and just watched him do his thing.  He was so proud of himself and clapped with us clapping at him.  He is getting better and better.

He looks so cute.  He also has discovered he can climb on the couch in half a second and scare me death.
I also caught this sweet moment of him playing with himself in the mirror.  He was playing peek a boo from the side of the mirror and talking and I even caught him kissing the handsome baby in the mirror.
Ignore my voice or just mute me. 

What we've been up to

These 2 are crazy in the car line while waiting on Makenzie to get out from school.  This day we were all still in our jammies and it was a rainy yucky day.

We have been practicing hitting some softballs for our softball game coming up.  I am so nervous but excited too.
 Our neighborhood had their garage sale a few weeks ago.  I loaded up all my garage sale stuff and we took it down to Autumn's house so we could all hang out.  The girls set up a lemonade and sweets stand.  They were so cute.  Paislee came up to my dad at one point and said "Papa will you play with me".  There was no way he could turn that down.  He is such a softie.

 That next day we had our first softball game.  It was so stinking hot so we left the kids at home with a sitter.  We lost....BAD, but we had fun!  I did hit the ball GOOD on my second time up to bat.  After wards we all went out for dinner and drinks.  It was really fun.

 This little boy is going to keep me on my toes.  He found a marker and drew all over the table in the playroom, as well as all over his clothes, leg, toes and mouth.  He was so excited to show me when I walked in.  He also discovered that he can crawl behind the couch.  And he is super fast when he does it.
We took the kids on a walk the other night so Madi could practice riding her bike.  It started off slow and we were all ready to cut it short.  But by the time we made it to the park she had it down.  

My little monkey of a son kept crawling up the slide and turning around and sliding down.  He was giving me a heart attack.

It was a fun family night.  Amber opened her pool up for the season so we went over there after we picked Kenzie up from school on Tuesday.  The water was FREEZING and I didn't get in and Landon wasn't having any part of getting in.  Kenzie swam for a little bit but then we called it a day.
 Wednesday the girls had dentist appointments after school.  They both did great.  Unfortunately Makenzie has a small cavity forming on the side of a molar.  (It has a deformity on it and has a ridge, or flap, and it is forming in that groove)  We did some shopping afterwards and headed home to daddy cooking out some hamburgers.

 Autumn and I have been walking every morning.  We normally do about 3 miles and I am so proud of us.  Thursday we went after dinner so the kids could come with us.  Madi and Paislee almost couldn't make it the whole way to the park.  Their little legs just couldn't hang.  Friday I babysat baby Paislee for Amber, so she got to go on our walk with us.  She did so good.
 Saturday Madison had an early soccer game.  She played really good.  Landon was a little off and cried and screamed every time someone cheered.  It was awful.

 Bebe took Landon home with her after the game.  The girls and I picked up Autumn and her girls and we spent the day at Amber's pool.  They were out of town and said we could come over and swim.  The water was still so cold, but I did get in for a minute this time.  We also turned on the hot tub for a little bit.  We ordered lunch and just hung out all day.  It was fun.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Part 3 catch up

This little guy is so close to walking but just isn't brave enough to let go and do it.  He pushes his walker all over the house.  
 Kenzie wanted her hair braided for school the other day.  I don't know how to really braid but I did my best I could and she LOVED it. 
 And this little guy got his very first hair cut.  He did awesome.  I gave him a sucker as soon as he sat down and he never took it out of his mouth.  He sat down in the chair as my baby with a mullet and he left as a big boy with a big boy hair cut.

 He looks so adorable with his hair cut.  Amber wanted me to go with her to get Paislee's ears pierced.  She looks precious with her earrings.
Autumn and I took the big girls to do an inflatable run last weekend.  We were all so excited and we had so much fun.

It was a lot of running.  I was very surprised how much we ended up running and was super proud of the girls.  We were hot and sunburned by the time we left.  We grabbed a snow cone and some lunch and then picked up the little ones and headed home for a nap.

Part 2 catch up

We were all getting ready to go to Madison's soccer game and I found Landon in the living room with my headband on.  At the soccer game it was all we could do to keep him off the field.  He wants to be out and about and do everything his sisters do.  Madison played really good and scored a goal. 

This little boy is a trouble maker.  He is also the reason I can't get anything done.  He climbed in the dishwasher the other day and was hitting the top rack and making water sprinkle on him.

 Then I'm running late to get to Kenzie's school so I take him outside to wait on Scotty who was coming home to stay with bubs.  I started my car and put him in and let him roam while I collected trash and threw it away from the front seat.  I looked in the back and he was sitting up on the seat and had found a capri sun Kenzie left in the cup holder.  He was squeezing it like a fountain spraying it everywhere and all over him.  I was so glad to hand him off to his daddy.
Kenzie had a busy week at school.  The book fair, research project presentation and a field trip.  She researched George Washington Carver all by herself at school and wrote a book about him.  We made a poster at him and then she presented it at school to her classmates and parents.  I was so proud of her. 
 I took her home with me early after her presentation and we went and got sonic drinks and played at the park for awhile.  Kenzie spent her time on the monkey bars until her hands were all blistered up and then moved onto the tire swing.  I remember playing on the tire swing everyday at school during recess.  It was fun swinging her around and listening to her squeal.

 That Friday I went on a field trip with her class to Dallas Heritage Park.  It was full of old houses and we got to look at and go in and explore them.  In my opinion, it wasn't an ideal field trip for 1st graders.  They got a little bored with the houses but they did have fun running around outside.

 Saturday Madison had a soccer game and she played against her friend Rachel.

 After he game we went to Aspasians.  It's a craft fair in our town and is normally huge and tons of people.  It turned windy and started raining and so a lot of vendors left.  We didn't end of buying anything but had fun walking around and then went and had lunch.

We have been spending a lot of time outside.  Landon loves roaming around and climbing up the slide.  He recently discovered he can push  his car all around the yard.

We spent all day at Autumn's house and bubs didn't get a nap and was exhausted.  I soaked up all his snuggles and was so surprised when he fell asleep on me.  He is never still long enough to fall asleep on me anymore. 
I heard Makenzie and Landon laughing in my room the other day and caught them being so sweet together.  Our room looks so bare because we got new bedroom furniture and sold our old set before the new set has come in.