Saturday, December 15, 2018

Breakfast with Santa/Birthday party

Kenzie's school had Breakfast with Santa on Saturday.  There were crafts to do before we ate, and of course the highlite was seeing Santa and Mrs. Clause. 

 That afternoon we had a fun party to go to for Audrey's birthday.  The girls had so much fun painting a unicorn and they both did such a great job.

A few randoms

 Kenzie had a dentist appoint last week so I kept her home with me.  We stopped for gas on the way there and she really wanted to pump my gas.  I was very happy to let her!!
 Landon and I had a showdown at dinner the other night.  I wanted him to take another bite of his chicken and he refused, so I refused to let him get up until he did.  I guess he showed me.  I looked up from washing dishes and he had fallen asleep in his highchair.
 The kids Christmas pictures was posted on our town's Facebook page.  Poor Landon.
 Madison's school pictures came in.  I just lover her so much.

The street we live on now is pretty quiet and not many cars come up and down, and when they do they are very careful and know to slow down due to how many kids live right here.  The girls love getting to ride their scooters/bikes down the driveway and cross the street. 


Monday, December 10, 2018

More Christmas fun

Saturday, Autumn and I took the kids to another Christmas festival.  The kids got to slide down a snow hill, take pictures with a reindeer, saw Santa and played in snow, made smores and jumped in bounce houses.  They had an amazing time.

 We ran into Madison's boyfriend Reid at the snow hill.  They are so cute.

Later that night I took the girls and Rylee to watch their friend Audrey perform in the Nutcracker.  I wasn't sure how they would do sitting still, but they did really good and had fun.  We stopped for dinner and ice cream on the way home.

Family Pictures

We got our family pictures back and love how they turned out.