Sunday, November 19, 2017

Landon is 8 months

8 months old!  I still can't believe it!  We are so blessed to have this sweet boy in our family!  All of us are pretty obsessed with him!  His personality has really come out lately!  He has started to squint his eyes, smile and tilt his head like he is shy when people talk to him and it is ADORABLE!  He is pretty consistently waving bye bye and has started to give kisses!  They are more like open mouth attacks on your face but I love it!
He is drinking 8 ounce bottles about 4-5 times a day!  He gets 1-2 jars of food a day just depending if we are home and think about it!  I give him just about anything we eat as well and he loves it!  If there is food around....he wants it!  We go through about a can of puffs a day if we are out and about!
He is still a very good sleeper!  His bedtime is around 7:30/8 and he sleeps all night until around 8:30/9 every morning!  He likes to take a short 30-45 minute nap around 10:30'ish and then a longer nap after lunch around 1.  That nap is around 1.5 hours and then another cat nap around 4:30/5. If we are out and about he is good about catching a cat nap in where he can!  Thank goodness he is a go with the flo kind of baby!
Bubs is the happiest baby I have ever seen!  He is always smiling or laughing and just so sweet and cuddly!  He is obsessed with his sisters (mainly Makenzie) and laughs at anything they do!  I think he is getting a touch of seperation anxiety and gets a little fidgety when I get out of his sight!  He is in full on grab mode!  Anything within his reach is fair game!

A very busy week

Little man decided to finally start rolling around!  He started off slow on Monday and by Wednesday he was rolling all over the living room!

Tuesday night we met a few couples and their kids for dinner to celebrate Chris' birthday!  We had a lot of fun visiting with everyone and the kids had a blast at their own table.

Wednesday night Kenzie had her first tutoring session!

We got there a little early and had so much fun goofing off in the car beforehand!  Kenzie was being so goofy and I noticed how loose her front tooth was!  It was literally hanging on by a thread and was crooked and in the wrong spot!  It hurts just looking at it! Bebe came over after work to pull that tooth!
OMG it was so funny!  I remember being about her age crying about pulling a tooth out and praying  for God to "just suck the tooth back up in my head". She got it though--thank goodness!
Friday Kenzie had "cubs on the move" at school!  Landon and I spent the day with her after dropping Madison off at school.

It was a fun day getting to spend it with her and all her friends! Rilee came over to play after school! 
When Scotty got off work we went to dinner.
We have been trying to get him to drink out a sippy cup--but he is not a fan yet!  Afterwards we went to toys r us and did a little shopping!  Saturday Makenzie and I went to a Stars hockey game with Heidi and Rob!  It was my first time to ever go and it was so much fun!

Austin ended up being there too!  We met up between quarters and got to visit for a few minutes!
The girls had fun and we definitely want to come to another game!
We picked Madison and Landon up from Bebe and Papa's house on the way home and then we all met up with Scotty for dinner!  Tessi ended up coming home with us to spend the night!  It was a busy, but fun day!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Trying to catch up

Monday Autumn whitened my teeth and the results were amazing!  

Later the girls had dentist appointments after school!  They both had a great checkup and the dentist said their teeth were perfect!  (No pictures and I'll explain why later)

Tuesday night I went to dinner and the movies with Heidi and Autumn!  We saw Bad Moms Christmas and it was hilarious!!  (Again no pictures....)

Wednesday Scotty and I ran some errands and went and had lunch while the kids were in school!  

Thursday morning I ran to Walmart to put some things on layaway for the kids!  My phone was stolen out of my cart and I didn't realize it until I got back in my car to leave!  I went back in and they pulled the camera footage and saw a guy take it right out of my buggy!  He walked right beside me and I had no clue!  I spent the rest of the morning having that phone shut off and starting a claim to get a new phone shipped to me!  I had to change every password I could think of after realizing he could open my phone and go strait into my apps!  We ended up going to Autumns house after school to hang out!  We ordered dinner and let the kids play!

Friday I me Amber and we ran some errands!  When I got home my new phone was there!! Hallelujah!  I'm not sure how I ever made it growing up without a phone!  That night Autumn came over and whitened moms teeth while the kids all played!  Kenzie ended up going home and spending the night with Rylee!  They are such sweet friends!

Saturday Kenzie had her last soccer game!  They played great and won!

Madison and her little friend Will found a few snakes before the game!
Later on a bunch of us met up for dinner!  3 moms with 6 kids!
They all look like teenagers on their phones snap chatting!  

Sunday morning we got ready for our family pictures!  They ended up getting canceled so we went shopping and had lunch instead!

We took the kids to the toy store and let them show us some things they want for Christmas!  They basically want everything!  Bubba even got in on picking stuff out!

My oldest child found something he wanted too...
We came home and watched the Cowboy game!  It was a terrible game!  I spent the afternoon trying to get this lazy boy moving!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Snaggle tooth

The tooth fairy came to visit our house again last week!  Kenzie lost her 3rd tooth!  (The bottom left). We were eating dinner and I asked her if she was going to lose her loose tooth before her dentist appointment on Monday.  She said I don't know and took a bite of a green bean (fresh and crisp) and it popped out!
Crazy kid!!  It was perfect timing right after I had asked her about it!  That night was a rough one for Madi!  She came in my bed around 2 and tossed and turned all night and finally at 4 I got up with her and we went in the living room!  She ended up throwing up around 5:30 and Kenzie walked in our room about 5:50 and threw up!  I guess my little tummy bug got them too!  We laid around the house and did nothing all day!
Kenzie was fine after her one little episode!  But Madi was pretty puny the whole day and got sick a few more times!  By dinner everyone was feeling better and I got them to eat something light and off to bed!  Saturday morning we were so ready to get out of the house!  We went to a little park and brought some balls and bubbles and played outside for awhile!  We had snacks and drinks and it was fun just to be out of our house!
Some friends ended up there too so we had fun visiting with them!  They invited us over and we spent the rest of the day hanging out and ate dinner with them!  We ended our day with bubble baths!

Landon did not like his sisters covered in bubbles!  He puckered his lips and did the sad cry until Kenzie washed them off and then he laughed!  I am crossing my fingers that the bug is out of of our house now!  Today mom and I went to Canton to do some shopping!  We took Landon with us and he was so good the whole one!
We stopped off at the outlet mall on the way home and got the kids some cute stuff!

Thursday, November 2, 2017


I came down with a bug on Halloween and was down for the count!  Luckily Scotty was able to come home and take the girls trick or treating!  They met up with some friends along the way!
Landon and I stayed home and waited on them to come home to hand out candy!