Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Kenzie's first soccer game

Saturday Kenzie had her first soccer game!  She is playing on the Drillers team.

This is the first time she has ever played soccer and she did really well (for only having one practice beforehand)
They had her play goalie the last quarter and she really liked that!  It was so stinking hot!  We layed around for the rest of the afternoon and cooled off!
Later on we met Autum and her kids (Rylee and Paislee) for a walk to the park!  We ended up staying until 8:30 and had so much fun talking while the kids played!  I didn't even get a picture!  Sunday Amber and I went to a consignment sale and got some really cute stuff for the kids!
Scottys mom, dad and sister came over later to cookout and watch the Cowboys!  We had a really good visit even though the cowboys lost!

Landon looked adorable in his jersey!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Our fun week

Last weekend Scotty and I went to the opening Cowboys game!

We rode with some friends and met some friends there.  We did some tailgating and hung out before the game and then went inside to watch them WIN!  It was a lot of fun!  We got in way to late and I definitely didn't make it to my early morning workout!  Landon started holding his bottle and it is so cute, and nice for me to have a free hand!
We had a "cool" front this past week and took advantage of it and played outside!
Landon LOVED riding in the back! (I walked behind him to make sure he didn't fall out). His little fat rolls on his legs were jiggling the whole way!

Tuesday we played outside again!  Bubba loved sitting out there and looking around!

We are so ready for fall weather! Wednesday Landon had his 6 month check up!  The doctor said he looks perfect...duh!
We grabbed some lunch and went and ate with Kenzie at her school!  She was so excited!
After school, Heidi and Tessi, Autumn, Paislee and Rylee walked to our house and played for awhile and then we all went to dinner together.
Thursday was a lazy day for us!  That night I had Bunco!  The kids stayed with a sitter, which they loved, until Scotty got home!
Friday I did a bunch of cleaning up around the house!  I had some people come and look through some clothes I was selling, and actually got rid of a bunch of it!  Later I took the kids to get some dinner and we went to the park for a picnic!
This was a new park for us and we loved it.  Our favorite thing was the zip line!  I even got on it!

It was a really fun night spent with my babies!  That wraps up last week!  I feel like all my posts are weekly catch ups!   I keep saying I'm going to do better, but this time I really am!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Landon is 6 months

I'm not sure how this sweet chunk of love is already 6 months, but he is!  The sweetest baby boy ever!  This boy is always smiling and happy and really only cries when he is hungry or tired!
He is wearing 6-9m clothes and a size 3 diaper!  I haven't put shoes on him yet, but I'm guessing he is in a size 3-4.  At his check up this week he weighed 18 pounds 10 ounces which puts him in the 68% and he was 28.25" long which is the 96%.  He is very tall.  Anything that has feet on it, like his jammies, I have to size up to give his toes some room.
Landon LOVES LOVES LOVES food. Anything and everything!  He is drinking 6oz about 5-6x's a day.  He has started holding his own bottle and we have to pry it out of his hands.  I give him baby food about 1-2x's a day and he has started on puffs and yogurt melts. I let him sample anything we are eating that I think he can "chew".  He has 2 little teeth that are ready for the good food.  His favorites have been ice cream, refried beans, guacamole, mashed potatoes and pizza crust! 
He still is an amazing sleeper!  His bedtime is notmallly around 8 and he will sleep until close to 9 if we let him.  Most mornings we have to wake him up to get the girls to school.  Occasionally he will wake up around 3am and I just give him his paci and roll him over and he goes right back to sleep!  He normally takes a quick nap around 10 and then his longer nap around 1.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Art Party

While we were out of town, Makenzie came up with a plan to have an "Art Party" when we got back home and invite all her friends to come over.  While my uncle was drawing pictures for her she was busy making invitations for her friends.  I really thought this was going to blow over and be forgotten but she kept it up and would clean the house everyday when she got home from school and made me a shopping list.

She handed a few out while at a play date so these are the only ones I got a picture of before we delivered them.  Friday was the big day.  I had picked up some supplies and tried to get everything she had mentioned.  I got everyone a picture frame, birdhouse and canvas to paint and then had papers with marker, crayons, map pencils, glitter markers, scissors and glue.  We ordered a bunch of pizza and had snacks and desserts.  The moms all brought wine and we had a really good time.

 Everyone she invited came, except Dallas--he was sick, so that made it even more fun for her.  When they were done painting everyone just played.  There were so many squeals and giggles and they had a great time.  Audrey stayed and spent the night.  Heidi and I walked down to a neighbors house later on and played some games and had some more wine for a bit. The next morning I took the girls to the park and met up with another friend and we introduced all our kids to each other for the first time.  They had a blast and didn't want to come home.

It was such a fun party and I am so glad I was able to help this vision come alive for her.  She came up to me earlier today and gave me a hug and thanked me and said I was the best mommy ever.  That made it all worth it!!!