Sunday, April 23, 2017

Our week

Monday marked 7 years of marriage for Scotty and I.  Marriage is hard and we have to work daily at it, but there is no one else that I would want to do life with! We didn't have any big plans or exchange gifts this year.  Madison and Landon cuddled while we were waiting to pick up Makenzie.

Sweetest thing ever!  The minute Madison laid still he closed his little eyes and went to sleep!  Later he laid in his bed for the first time while I cleaned in his closet!
Landon got a little fussy and Kenzie pushed him around in her doll stroller for awhile!  He was quiet and she was happy!
Tuesday I cleaned out the garage and then Heidi called and asked to go on a walk.  We ended up doing over 2 miles and got a good workout in.
Wednesday I had my final OB appointment!  Landon came with me and was such a good boy!  I was cleared to return back to normal activities!!!  Yay!!!
We had some flowers planted and the girls helped us water them!  Kenzie decided she wanted to play in the water more than water the flowers!

Thursday we had a full car after school.  We took our sweet friends home and then came home to decorate cookies.
My big one month old decided he was big enough to sit up in his bumbo seat!

He likes to look around and know what's going on.  It must be exhausting though because he fell asleep.
Friday morning I went to Kenzie's schools for Moving With Mom!
We had so much fun.  There was bowling, exercises, hula hooping, jump roping, dancing and relay races!

I tried so hard and just can't hula hoop anymore.

We had yogurt parfaits for breakfast and then it was time for Kenzie to go to class!  

The girls built a wall to keep the witches away from Bubba.
Bebe and Papa came and picked Madison up to spend the night with them.  She was so excited and had packed her bag earlier in the day!  Kenzie and I painted nails and ate popcorn in bed while we watched a movie!!  

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter part 2

I made the kids matching bunny shirts that I forgot about so I changed them into those for the second half of easter!

We came home from visiting all the grandparents and played outside for awhile.  The kids did some confetti efgs.

We ended our night with a glow in the dark egg hunt!

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny came and dropped off some goodies!  The girls were very excited and even went through their baskets before waking us up.

Cutest Easter babies ever!  Landon got hungry during them hunting eggs so I didn't get to take a lot of pictures!

We made breakfast and then got ready to go to Bebe and Papa's.  Someone tucked an Easter egg under bubba's arm while he was sleeping.
The Easter Bunny came to Bebe and Papa's house too. 

Bebe would call out a different color egg for each girl and after they each found all those they would get a different color!  This worked out way better than just a free for all.  At our house Kenzie would run super fast and scoop up all the eggs and Madi barely got any!
I kept pretending to race and steal Kenzie's egg and she thought it was hilarious.
Madi did not think it was funny.....

Bubba got a bunny in his basket!

Planting flowers with Papa

Saturday morning we went over to Bebe and Papa's house to help plant some flowers.  The girls were so excited and brought some of their gardening (beach) tools.  We went to pick out flowers first.
He has worn white tall socks and black shoes for as long as I can remember and I always tease him for it.

They were very proud of their work.  We went inside and dyed eggs with Bebe next.

Bubba hung out in his seat and watched!  He looked so cute in his easter shirt I made him.
Until he had a blow out in it. He sat with his Papa for awhile so I could help with the Easter egg dying.
It was a fun day spent with Bebe and Papa!  My kids are so blessed to have amazing grandparents!  It makes me so happy seeing them together!