Thursday, July 13, 2017

Landon is 4 months

My sweet baby boy is 4 months old!  He is the most absolute sweetest baby ever!!   And I'm pretty sure the most handsome too.  I tell him he is so handsome at least 100 times a day and he probably thinks that is his name!
He has found his toes and they are almost always in his hands or his mouth! When he gets them and pulls them up he looks like a little ball.  He has started grabbing at his toys and bringing them to his mouth.  Tummy time is still his least favorite thing to do.  I can get about 5-10 minutes from him and then he is over it!  I haven't really seen him roll over any more but he does manage to scoot around on his back.
We started him on foods this month and he LOVES it.  He started with sweet potatoes and has had peaches, bananas and peas since!  I give him food 2 times a day and he will sit with his mouth open until I get the next bite in.  I am slowly upping his bottles to 5 ounces but he is still wanting to eat every 2-3 hours!
He continues to be an amazing sleeper!  I lay him down around 8 or 8:30 and he sleeps all night until around 7:30/8.  Sometimes he will go back to sleep until 9/9:30.  If we are home I will lay him down for a nap around 10:30/11 and again around 3.  He prefers to nap in my bed which I don't mind (but sleeps for the night in his bed).  I normally snuggle up next to him and take a nap too or play on my phone and rest.
He has his check up tomorrow and I will get his measurements!  He is wearing 3-6 or 6 month clothes and a size 2 diapers!  I will edit this tomorrow and add his stats!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Madison's tball debut

I took the girls swimming bright and early this morning so we could beat the heat!  I forgot towels....and a paci!  I also forgot to take any pictures.  Kenzie's tball coach called and asked if Madison could play in the game tonight!  She was so excited!
OMG it was the cutest thing ever!  She did so good and Makenzie was so proud of her.  She hit the ball everytine she batted and ran the bases!  Kenzie played amazing in the outfield and made several outs.

I caught her making this goofy face !  
 She is the goofiest little thing!
She said she had the best time ever and wants to play in every game!  I was so proud of her and Kenzie at how well they played!

Tball, tball and more tball

Kenzie had a tball game Saturday morning!  If felt like we were playing on the sun--it was so HOT!

Their team is undefeated and they played amazing!  We ran some errands afterwards and went swimming to cool off!  Sunday morning we all went to breakfast at our favorite spot.  Bubba sat in a highchair and did so good.
We ran some errands afterwards and came home to hang out as a family and play some games.  Monday was Amber's birthday!  I am so thankful for her and our friendship!  We decided to take the kids to see a movie and have lunch.  Landon stayed awake most of the movie and did so good.

Lunch was delicious and then we stopped for ice cream!
Kenzie had another tball game later that night!  
I didn't get many pictures!  Landon does not like when anyone cheers or claps!  He puckers his lip and does the saddest cry every.single.time!  Kenzie had another tball game tonight but I will do a whole post on that game!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Movies, dancing and swimming

Wednesday morning was slow for us.  It had been a super late night and no one wanted to get up.  I did drag myself to the gym and decided we needed to get out and do something while Scotty was off work for the day.  We decided on going to the movies.  
I was nervous how Landon would do, and grabbed an isle seat so I could make a fast getaway if I needed to.  He did great though!
Thursday I went to the gym and then took the girls to go swimming!
We came home for naps!  I have gotten hooked on watching Prison Break on Netflix and was able to get in a few episodes while he slept.
Friday Madison had her first gymnastics class!  She was nervous but did so good!  She kept turning around and waving to us.
We came home and had a dance party afterwards! Kenzie was breaking it down.

We went to Ambers house to swim a little later!  Madison surprised me by jumping in and swimming without her floaties.

Landon swam in his floatie for a long time! He was so content floating around and watching us swim.

July 4th

We had such a great July 4th!  The girls and I played some games and went swimming in the morning.  They helped me make us all some shirts to wear later that night.
We ended up not wearing them but they still turned out cute!!  Scotty got off work early and we got things ready to go watch fireworks with some friends.

The kids had fun running around and playing catch with the dads!

Landon did great watching fireworks!  He was asleep and woke up about halfway thru and enjoyed watching them.  On the way home, we stopped off at a friends house to do a few more fireworks.

Monday, July 3, 2017

T-ball, swimming and high chair sitting

I am so happy Kenzie has found a new team to play t-ball with.  The Unicorn team has been amazing so far and she is learning so much.  Her form has gotten better and she is understanding the game more.  She had a game on Thursday and she played so good.
The coaches are really trying to get the girls to play coach pitch and have started pitching to a few of them.  Kenzie is one of the 3 that are able to hit this way.  I was so proud of her.

Bebe and Papa came to watch her too.  Madison gets so bored and tired at these games, so she was glad to have them there.
It was a long day for Kenzie.  She went to camp earlier in the day and they went on a field trip to the zoo.  I picked her up from there and we had a picnic in the car and then went strait to her t-ball pictures and the game.  We were all very ready to crawl into bed that night.  Friday morning we met some friends at the pool and swam for a little bit.  It has been pretty nice not having to get in with them every time we go swimming.  Kenzie swims really good and Madison floats around with her puddle jumper on and they both entertain themselves.
Bebe came over later that night and hung out with us.  Kenzie's t-ball game was rained out Saturday morning so we went and ran some errands instead.  We were out most of the day and came home and took naps.  Landon and I cuddled and slept almost 2 hours.  It was amazing.  Scotty picked us up for dinner when he got off work.  We went to a hibachi place and Landon sat in a high chair and did really good.

He is so precious.  Sunday morning we went to Bebe and Papa's house to hang out while Scotty and Papa went to the shooting range.  Landon and I snuggled and took another nap while the girls played with Bebe.  Don't judge me--I LOVE a good nap especially snuggled up to my sweet baby.  When the boys got home we all went and had lunch and bubba sat in a high chair again.  He hates his car seat so much and likes sitting up and looking around.  I think his carrier days are limited and I am shopping for a different car seat.  I'm excited to not have to carry him in his carrier anymore--it's so heavy.

We spent the rest of our day cooking, cleaning and I was able to sneak away and get a pedicure.  Today I went to the gym and came home to get everyone ready to go visit Bebe at work.  They were having a cookout and she wanted us to come out and see her.  We stopped and picked up our groceries on the way home.  Walmart's pick up option is the best thing ever.  I love pulling up and they know I'm there and bring out my groceries and load them up for me.  Shopping with all 3 kids is stressful and I have no buggy room anymore, so this is so nice.  We went to Amber's house to swim for awhile and then grabbed some dinner before coming home.  Landon was a spit up machine today.  I can't wait to take him to his 4 month check up next week and discuss options with his doctor.